Can Everton Jones find out how his father stole Emperor Bokassa’s diamonds and, more importantly, where he hid them; before the world and his brother get there first?
Click on the picture link in the sidebar to read an extract of my first novel, which was published by Paradise Press in August 2012.


 It reminded me quite a lot of early Armistead Maupin in both style and tone. —loplop on authonomy.

I've laughed out loud several times and I've only read a couple of chapters. —AnneWright on authonomy.

an exciting, fast moving thriller, with a likeable, believable main character. —scottkenny on authonomy.

very hard to put down—PATRICK BARRETT on authonomy.

A thriller with real thrills, baffling mysteries and plenty of laughs, based around the gay scene in London. —Sly80 on authonomy.

“The opening pulls you right into the story. Being screwed and not the way he wanted...that was funny as hell and I once he bumped into Ed and just got funnier. I really enjoyed each character and the dialogue was real and entertaining.”— Sheloveswords on authonomy.

Some people do plot, some character, you somehow manage both. — HarrietG on authonomy.

well paced, nice flow, good characters - a very good read! —Paul T. on authonomy.

I'm a very straight girl...and the shower scene was hot. Bravo. —
Sheloveswords on authonomy.

Wow, I don't think I've ever seen anything like this before. The story is incredibly vivid and engaging. —RossClark1981 on authonomy.

A well crafted, intelligent novel, with lots of suspense and intrigue. Good narrative and engaging characters make this a must read. —Eunice Attwood on aiuthonomy.

a dramatic opening grabs the reader's attention immediately…—Vanessa Darnleigh on authonomy.

written with a confidence and a modern style—John Connor on authonomy.

a great plot, one that has the promise of adventure from the very start. —George Chittenden on authomomy.

This thriller has it all - mystery and intrigue in abundance and that goes for the characters too. Utterly convincing and believable, though whom to believe? —lynn clayton on authonomy.

Quite an opening and quite an engaging plot with oodles of complexity, twists and turns. The voice and dialogue are crisp and move at a nice pace. Great scene building as half a snippet sparks the curiosity, keeping the reader thirsting for the rest of the story. —teremoto on aiuthonomy.

Great work! Snappy dialogue and clever plot and cast of characters. —Fabrice Stuyvesant on authonomy.

the colours you create with words paint a perfect picture in my head of your plot and scene. —name falied moderation on authonomy.\

Everton is a great character and the plot thickens by the page. Good pace and strong dialogue with lots of wit and humour. The sex is well done not over done—Barry Wenlock on authonomy.

Great dialogue and funny. —stoatsnest on authonomy.

an appealing, exciting tale of adventures and misadventures! —zan  on aurhonomy.

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