Can Everton Jones find out how his father stole Emperor Bokassa’s diamonds and, more importantly, where he hid them; before the world and his brother get there first?
Click on the picture link in the sidebar to read an extract of my first novel, which was published by Paradise Press in August 2012.

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Please read the extract of Bokassa’s Last Apostle (click here to go right there) and leave a comment and like the extract on facebook (button at the top and bottom of the extract) and/or follow me on twitter (@rwshelton) and/or retweet my tweets and/or add me on facebook. In return, for each of the actions above between 22 April 2012 and 20 August 2012, I will give you one ticket in a raffle for one of TEN signed copies of my book. Please note that I will send only ONE copy per person and will post you the book free of charge in the UK. I reserve the right to ask for the difference between UK and overseas postage, should a large number of winners require overseas postage. If there is a difficulty, you may opt to receive a free e-book instead. Books will be dispatched on 22 August 2012. I will endeavour to update this page with details of the number of tickets entered in the raffle. Friend requests on Facebook and follows on twitter will be reciprocated. You need to remain friends on Facebook and/or continue to follow me on twitter until at least the 22 August so I can contact you to get your details should you win one of the free books. So I will have to remove you from the draw if you unfriend me or unfollow me before 22 August.

See the page after this one titled ‘Book promotion records’ to find out who has won a copy already and re-assure yourself that I am doing this properly!

NEW: I have decided to have a series of draws, every five days with the last few draws getting closer together as the launch date approaches. Each draw will be for ONE copy. There will be TEN draws in total. The books will be sent out when they get back from the printer. So get the word out that the book is being published by other methods and increase your chances to win! Remember retweets are rewarded by another chance to get a copy of the book. As are likes and friend requests on Facebook. If you have these social media you can greatly increase your chance to get a free copy of this book.

93 qualifying tickets as of 8 Aug 2012 7 pm BST


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