Can Everton Jones find out how his father stole Emperor Bokassa’s diamonds and, more importantly, where he hid them; before the world and his brother get there first?
Click on the picture link in the sidebar to read an extract of my first novel, which was published by Paradise Press in August 2012.

Book promotion records

The schedule for draws for the TEN FREE copies of my book is as follows:

Sunday 15 July winner: @LGBTQNation
Saturday 21 July winner: @EDITIONSDUFRIGO
Thursday 26 July winner: Don Lockwood
Tuesday 31 July
Sunday 5 August
Friday 10 August
Tuesday 14 August
Friday 17 August
Saturday 19 August
Monday 20 August

The winner of each draw is decided by an excel spreadsheet selecting a random number between 1 and the number of the last ticket.

Here are the people entered in the draw for my ‘getting the word out’ promotion of my book.

For Twitter follows: @actuporg_fr, @LGBTnewsdaily, @HateCrimeVigil, @mcwhitebxnn2, @GuyLike, @JamesBar_Wolves, @latinbean, @gileswinterton, @AmeriPersona, @grabonskihhlaz7, @ASouthernYankee, @CollapseNovel, @virtualwriters, @KindleBookBlast, @VjBobbyRevlely, @kindle_promo, @MamzonBookPromo, @shellieblum, @JackyMAJDA, @MACHOM0E, @WayneMPLS, @martetchris, @treatpeoplerigh, @Gay_News_Now, @guavaworld, @MicroDelights, @SWS_Photography, @EDITIONSDUFRIGO, @Wellness4Men, @shellyshelts, @RageMonthly, @DNRDV, @thisishelenora, @TaylorRach01, @sinnfulent, @pichosta, @ManPuppyDotCom, @sdpride, @ZoeRamone, @johnaburks, @DadAndSon69, @Probloggertrick, @subtletea, @HotGaySexParty, @TweetYourBooks, @WriteIntoPrint, @JustJasonP, @Pitahwang, @NovaSparksBooks, @poisonedessence,@DSTaylor1, @mattskal, @extramilecomms, @aire_arte, @RayneHall, @_RachelAbbott, @checajavier, @Absoloo_fr, @natashalarry, @bmpgrnd, @leFREEDJ, @GayNewsOnline, @colbenjamin, @philchurch77, @TimGStevens, @Georg_Grey, @GlennGThater, @AngelsOfSodom, @rainbowselect, @TETUEcom, @anbayanyay, @swapscan, @LGBTQNation, @ahoycrispineda, @TabathaHansen, @WeAreFest, @Vanimore_, @GayBookLover, @GayToday, @GeorgeGreenwich, @_MarkMcCormack, @TheBrandonShire, @MurseBrianRN @cjmyron, @Gaypon, @MrSimonTaylor, @rainyofthedark, @PropagandaBar, @akiss2desire, @vglee_lee.

For retweets: @MicroDelights, @rainyofthedark, @anbayanyay, @TheBrandonShire.

For facebook friend requests: Mick Casey, Don Lockwood, Timothy Greaves, Gene Williams and Jimmy Driver.

For likes:

For Goodreads reviews:

Exclusions: @poisonedessence and @shellyshelts (already have copies); @LGBTQNation, @EDITIONSDUFRIGO and Don Lockwood(winners); @JustJasonP (no longer following)

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