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Thursday, 29 October 2015

New version of Sigil


I'm reinstalling my software, following a system restore, and discovered that Sigil has moved and has been updated. The new download location is : Versions are available for all operating systems. Flightcrew, which is the error-checking epub2 validator has been converted into a plugin, and that can be downloaded as a .zip archive from here: Again, it comes in versions for all operating systems. Just select the right one for you. These links are correct at the time of writing. If the precise location of the files changes in thefuture, try deleting the final components of the path one by one to find the correct location.

Once Sigil is installed and the plugin is downloaded, run Sigil and select 'plugins/manage plugins' from the main menu:

From the dialog which loads, click the add plugin button:

From the next dialog, navigate to and then select the archive containing the flightcrew plugin (no need to unzip/extract it):

Clicking the open button installs the plugin, which appears in the list of installed plugins:

The plugins menu now has a submenu 'validation'. 'flight crew' is available as a pop-up:

Selecting this however leads to this error:

[update 14 August 2017: the latest version of flightCrew, v0.9.2 and the latest version of Sigil, v0.9.8 seem not to have the difficulty described above, but I'm leaving what follows for reference. The links above checked and still work.]

Going back to the 'manage plugins' dialog reveals that the plugin uses either python 2.7 or 3.4:

And, with Sigil and the plugin 'out of the box', there is a space for a path to these bits of software which isn't yet set up:

Clicking on 'auto' next to the python 3.4 panel filled in the correct path:

However this didn't work for python 2.7. Clicking the 'set' button instead produced a search dialog for me to locate python 2.7 myself. Following the example from the path to python 3.4 took me here:

As is clear, I only have python 3, so I left the path to python 2.7 blank. Selecting Flightcrew from the main menu now produces this dialog:

Clicking 'start' began the verification:

And after a while the results are displayed in the usual way:

Obviously this new blank epub needs some of the metadata adding, but at least the flightcrew plugin is now correctly configured and working properly.

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