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Thursday, 29 October 2015

New version of Sigil


I'm reinstalling my software, following a system restore, and discovered that Sigil has moved and has been updated. The new download location is : Versions are available for all operating systems. Flightcrew, which is the error-checking epub2 validator has been converted into a plugin, and that can be downloaded as a .zip archive from here: Again, it comes in versions for all operating systems. Just select the right one for you. These links are correct at the time of writing. If the precise location of the files changes in thefuture, try deleting the final components of the path one by one to find the correct location.

Once Sigil is installed and the plugin is downloaded, run Sigil and select 'plugins/manage plugins' from the main menu:

From the dialog which loads, click the add plugin button:

From the next dialog, navigate to and then select the archive containing the flightcrew plugin (no need to unzip/extract it):

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