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Saturday, 15 November 2014

Indexing posts FINALLY updated!!!

I have finally (?) finished working through my posts on indexing an e-book and have just posted the update to the last one. It has been a major hassle!!! Keeping the whole of the topic in my head at the same time has been a very significant task. However it is now done and I am immensely pleased with the outcome! In these posts, I take a print index and re-structure it for e-books, using links instead of page references. This requires some significant style choices. I have generated TWO models: one which uses the style of the print index as a guide and slots the links into the places where the page references were (which I have called RUN-ON) and another in which the links are dropped down onto a line of their own and set out fully (a FULLY SET-OUT style). This is in my opinion much more elegant and better suited to e-books. Along the way I was astonished to find that all the differences between Chicago and Oxford style vanished, along with the punctuation in the index. It functions entirely visually, with the level of the indent representing the relationship between one item and the next. The links thenselves can be constructed using markup in your original file and then made good in your e-book using find and replace in Sigil. Of course it is far from a trivial exercise, as anything connected with indexing is always going to be a major headache (well, it will be if you want to get it right!). As this mammoth series of posts nears an end, I am posting to draw attention to my finished contribution to indexing e-books and am actively seeking comments/discussion of the topic. If you have an opinion, please comment on the posts or/and contact me via the contact box in the right-hand sidebar.

The indexing posts begin with: How to index an e-book, which gives an overview of how to present an index, and then I go on in: How to use the tools in MS Word to create an index to explain how to use the tools built in to MS Word to do this. Alphabetising an index is far from as simple as it may sound, and so I have had to devote an entire post to the topic, which is here: How to alphabetise an index or bibliography. Then there are the key posts on How to adapt the print index in your MS Word file for an e-book using markup and How to adapt cross-references in your print index for e-book and how to use markup to make the links. These set out the styles I have developed and how to implement them using markup in your MS Word file and find and replace using Sigil in your e-book.

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