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Thursday, 3 October 2013

The OTHER Paradise Presses

I must have too much time on my hands, because in an idle moment I googled ‘Paradise Press’. To my astonishment, it turned up a multitude of hits including EIGHTEEN OTHER PARADISE PRESSES. The first one was my publisher, ‘Paradise Press UK’ So nothing too much to worry about, and a quiet pat on the back for having got our SEO about right. But I did think it would be fun to see what all the other Paradise Pressses out there are up to: is a new venture. The founder hails from Bohemia in the Czech Republic, which explains the name!
So far their website offers just one e-book (Nennen Sie mich Ausländer, cover extreme left below) which is planned to be translated into Spanish and Russian. They also have plans to release a collection of short stories by the same author, another collection of shorts by the Spanish Jesus Ricardo Felix Rodrigez and a collection of poetry by Josef Straker. The website does not make it clear whether any these new titles will be e-books or physical books.

Their website lists six collaborators in Germany, Spain and LA. turns out to be a printer in Clearwater, Florida.

The next search result was This website turned out to be harder to understand. The owner, Susan King, has a limited edition book of her artwork, a paper sculpture and a subscription to a series of postcards on sale. From this photo of her paper sculpture, she is clearly a very talented graphic artist:
She also offers mentoring at $150 a day for aspiring artists. She says she established a ‘Paradise Press’ in LA but is vague about the date. Reading between the lines, this must have been before the 1990s. Here: I found a reference to two books: Women and Cars (1983) and Georgia (1981) both published by ‘Paradise Press’, Los Angeles. turned out to be a website owned by Nigel Rushton of Christchurch New Zealand. He seems to have published a couple of guides to cycling around New Zealand and has them on sale in bike shops around the world. Well done Nigel!
I was rather surprised to see he didn’t have links to enable me to make an online purchase! If you want some e-commerce buttons, Nigel, apply within!

At I found the information that ‘Paradise Press’ was a publisher of the Star Trek Giant Poster Book series. It turns out that there were 17 of these published in the USA. They were a single sheet folded up. On one side there was informatioin about Star Trek and the other side folded out to make … well … a giant poster! Here are some of them I have found online:

I did find an entry on Amazon which said the publisher was ‘Paradise Press’ (New York). I have not yet been able to track this publisher down. is a company in Minnesota which makes control systems for sheet metal ‘punch’ presses.
I subsequently found this link: which says they produce the presses themselves and a lot more. turned out to be a commercial directory called ‘Print Chomp’ which was giving contact details for a printer called ‘Paradise Press Inc’ in Richfield, Utah.

The next link turned up by Google was which linked to the facebook page of ‘Bird of Paradise Press’, a not-for-profit buddhist publisher with two titles, both by a Tibettan Buddhist monk called Shamar Rinpoche.
I had to locate the publisher’s website: to find that out. Their logo is a gorgeous makeover of the penguin logo:
Here are the covers of the two books Shamar Rinpoche has published so far under the ‘Bird of Paradise Press’ imprint:

Following that I was directed here: to find a directory of children’s book publishers in the USA. The page I was sent to listed ‘Paradise Press Inc’ and said it publishes Christian children’s books including 365 read-Aloud Bible Stories. When I followed the links, I got an ISBN and entered this into PubWeb, which said it was published by Barbour and Co. (Ohio). Googling that revealled that the name has changed to Barbour Publishing Inc. Whatever, it isn’t a ‘Paradise Press’. directed me to the Blogspot blog of Aaron White, who has published four short scifi stories, one supernatural short story and a young adult fantasy novella, available from Smashwords and Amazon as e-books and also in some cases as paperbacks, all as ‘MorningParadisePress’ books.
This is his imprint:

Paradise City Press: is a wordpress blog for ‘Northampton Community TV’ out of Northampton, Massachussets.

Then I got a LinkedIn profile hit ( for someone at a ‘Paradise Press (Pvt.) Ltd’ in Pakistan. Now, despite frequent invitations I have so far resisted joining LinkedIn, so I googled the company and found the following website: but it seems to have no information on it about what services they provide. This looks like a start-up.

Carrying on I found a link to Goodreads which listed a number of books by a ‘Paradise Press’ including a ‘shaped board’ book called cats and kittens.

Then I found a reference to Things that go also by Paradise Press, in an entry from Amazon: A bumper board book designed for infants with pictures of cars, trains and the like on the front.

Obviously from the publisher of Cats and Kittens!

I have found a large number of entries for shaped board books, colouring books and stickers of various kinds aimed at kids published by a ‘Paradise Press Inc’. One of the Paradise Press Incorporateds is based in Weston Florida. Here: I found this about them:

So, whoever they were, were seems very much to be the operative word!

The next entry was fascinating details a deposit (2 linear feet) at Syracuse University Library, the ‘William and Marie Watson Paradise Press Collection’. Apparently these peolpe contributed artwork to a private press called ‘Paradise Press’ owned by Hal Leader in Bufallo, New York. A bit of further googling turned up the information that Hal Leader runs his press as a working museum operating antique movable metal type presses. I found a picture of him here:

Then I discover that Paradise Press is also the ten-times annually published journal of the Long Island Aquarium Society (

According to the next result Pardise Press is also a printer in Escondido, California.

The next was a music video on You Tube apparently by a group called ‘Press Dumps’ entitled ‘Blanche, blanche, blanche & the birds of paradise’ (commas supplied by myself). Further down the search results I found their blog: is a website called ‘49ersParadise’ with more news than anyone could reasonably want about the San Fransisco 49ers American Football team.

‘6B Paradise’ is a ‘Bollywood’ film in ‘malayalam’, which got thrown up by the search. See (beware of adverts!)

Then a BIG surprise: the next link was to the online catalogue of a children’s bookshop in Hay-on-Wye, the well-known (in the UK anyway) second-hand bookselling capital. Listed were no fewer than EIGHT paperbacks by one M. D. Spencer, published by ‘Paradise Press’. The last one said it was the THIRTY-SIXTH in a series. Some were reprints. The site is 

July 2017, item removed turns out to be the latest edition of the Paradise Valley (Arizona) High School’s student newspaper Paradise Press. Here’s their banner:

I was getting down to the less relevant hits, so the next hit to a press release about ‘SIMS 3 Island Paradise’ came as no big surprise. From this point onwards there were many hits which had the words ‘Paradise’ and ‘Press’ with no logical connection between them.

The ‘Paradise Ridge’ Winery in California have an online annual journal called ‘Paradise Press’: although the last issue was in 2010, which is worrying.

A resort in South Carolina has a web page headed ‘Paradise Press’, which is here: although as it is for some reason password-protected I have no idea what this is about. But it certainly doesn’t look like a publisher website!

The listing for suggested they offer offset litho printing, but their server said it had reached its bandwidth limit. When I went back I found this at the top of the page:

When I looked further down the page the reason their site had exceeded its bandwidth limit became apparent. It was full to overflowing with nonsensical comments at the bottom. Clearly the unfortunate company has been the victim of a denial of service attack. is a website in Australia calling itself ‘paradisepress’. However there is no more than a logo, email address and box number at a mailing service on their web page:

‘Paradise Press International’ has some details online here and appears to be a computer training, photocopying and typesetting business roughly half way between Abuja and Lagos in Nigeria.

Here: I found evidence for a ‘Paradise Press Limited’ based in York which lists its business as publishing: ‘consumer and business journals and periodicals’ They seem to have been founded in 1994 and have two shareholders. According to their accounts submitted in 2013 they have: 28/02/2013 reported ‘cash at bank’ of £1,099, ‘liabilities’ worth £99,409, ‘net worth’ of £-277,392 (NB: negative!) and ‘assets’ worth £2,711. Paradise Press Limited’s risk score was amended on 22/09/2012. I have not been able to find any actual publications by this company, and judging by the balance between their assets and liabilities it would seem there are unikely to be going to be any in the near future!

Jill Dubin, a prolific children’s book writer lists ( her books, including: Things that Fly, Things on Wheels, Things that Float and Things on Tracks, all published by ‘Paradise Press, Ottenheimer Publishers’ in 1999. I cannot find any further information.

There might be a printer called Paradise Press in Carlsbad, San Diego:

I looked in the British Library catalogue and turned up some more entries:

Autumn, a short poem by William Carlos William, was produced in a limited fine art edition by Richard Kegler (Buffalo) with the text cut out of the pages. The publisher is listed as Paradise Press (New York). Here’s a picture from
I suppose I will be able to verify this when I next visit the British Library.

Another British Library catalogue entry is: Ich Du bu Ted Kavanagh and Anna Blume published by Paradise Press (Brighton) in 1960 (?, sic). According to Wikipedia, Ted Kavanagh wrote the ITMA scripts and died in 1958. There is a visual artist called Anna Blume still very much alive, but who might not be the Anna Blume mentioned in the BL catalogue entry. No other information or second hand copies of the book could be found.

Then there was The Valley of Vision by Florence Dege, published by Paradise Press (London) in 1935. I found an entry to this effect in a Google Books entry for a Library of Congress catalogue entry (here:

At Home in Paradise by Carmen Wilcox is supposedly published by Paradise Press, according to the BL, but Amazon says the pubisher is Paradise Farm. Here’s the cover from Amazon:

I found two more books by Carmen Wilcox also from Paradise Farm Limited on Pubweb. NB IF you have a Pubweb account, log on and then stay logged on for an hour or so. You should then be able to search not only for the books which YOU have published, but also to search the WHOLE list of ISBNs held by Nielsen. The covers of Carmen Wilcox’s other two Paradise Farm books are here:

Looking up the address for Paradise Farm on Google I found several adverts showing it for sale at auction in 2013, following a catastrophic fire. So if this IS the Paradise Farm who publish these books, maybe their address is about to change! Here’s a picture of what is left of the building, taken from the sale particulars:

Then I went back to Pubweb and searched for all books published by ‘Paradise Press’. It returned all the books by Paradise Press UK and a host more. Some are listed above, but there were some others:

There was a company called ‘Paradise Music’ who are based in Llanarth, Wales. They have a large list of CDs of ‘inspirational’ music.

There is a Matt Paradise who has published a book under the imprint ‘Matt G Paradise’ in Vermont, called: The Book of Satanic Quotations:

Steven Mellerson has published a book under the imprint ‘Dante’s Paradise’ (New York) called Lost: Midnight Mist:

Two Dogs and a Garden is a book by Derelie Cherry, from New South Wales, Australia, under the ‘Paradise Publishing‘ imprint:

She also has another book, called Alexander Macleay:

‘Paradise Cay Publications’ from Middletown, California have published a book by L. M. Lawson, called Green Flash:

Then there is a publisher called ‘Paradise Isle Publications’, with three titles to their name: The Elite Guide to Sri Lanka, Mount Lavinia, The Governor’s Palace and George Classen. The address given is interesting. It says ‘World’s End’, Chelsea. This turn out to be the World’s End Estate sandwiched between the trendy Kings Road and Cheyne Walk on the north bank of the Thames. In the picture below, you can just see the community of houseboats moored at the western end of Cheyne Walk. The Worlds End Estate comprises the massed concrete tower blocks behind:

There is a single children’s book entitled The Spectacle Family published by Stephen Farron under the ‘Pancake Paradise’ imprint (Porth, Cornwall):

Paradise research Publications Inc (Hawaii), have five titles to their name, all but one of which are out of print. They all seem to relate to alcohol abuse in one form or another. The in-print title is The Good Book and the Big Book by B. Dick, who has written ALL of this publisher’s output:

Distinct from ‘Paradise Press Limited’ in York, I also found a ‘Paradise Printing’ based at High Paradise Farm, Boltby near Thirsk, Yorkshire, who have published ONE book: Poems of Innocence and Anger by Judith Skilbeck. I can’t find a cover image.

And that’s about it, or at least that’s about as far as I am prepared to go researching this. So far I’ve found eighteen other publishers with ‘Paradise Press’ in their name or something close. If any of the authors whose work I have referenced wants to contact me using the social media links in the RHS menu panel or by contacting Paradise Press (LOL … that’s the REAL Paradise Press UK, I’ll be happy to update/change/amplify anything and to add any links you want to help direct web traffic to your sites.

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  3. Hello. I have just happened upon this post. I own the copyrights to all of the M.D. Spenser books. It would have been a prodigious feat, but Robert Spencer Knotts did not write 36 Shivers books and six Humanomorphs books. I can be reached at or contacted at I would be grateful if you would remove the erroneous reference to someone else being the author of all of those books. Best wishes, M.D.

  4. Distinct from ‘Paradise Press Limited’ in York, I also found a ‘Paradise Printing’ based at High Paradise Farm, Boltby near Thirsk, Yorkshire, who have published ONE book: Poems of Innocence and Anger by Judith Skilbeck. I can’t find a cover image.EarnHoney

  5. nd that’s about it, or at least that’s about as far as I am prepared to go researching this. So far I’ve found eighteen other publishers with ‘Paradise Press’ in their name or something close. If any of the authors whose work I have referenced wants to contact me using the social media links in the RHS menu panel or by contacting Paradise Press (LOL … that’s the REAL Paradise Press UKEarnHoney

  6. nd that’s about it, or at least that’s about as far as I am prepared to go researching this. So far I’ve found eighteen other publishers with ‘Paradise Press’ in their name or something close. If any of the authors whose work I have referenced wants to contact me using the social media links in the RHS menu panel or by contacting Paradise Press (LOL … that’s the REAL Paradise Press UKSoftware House in Hyderabad

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