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Thursday, 7 February 2013

Putting a Wowslider slideshow in Blogger

UPDATE: 10 April 2014: I have published a new post on this topic which walks you through creating a free website, saving your wow slider slideshow on there and then how to view that slideshow in a blogger blog. Please click here to view this post

I have a basic slideshow to do the banner on my blog. See here for the details. Unfortunately, I can have only one such slideshow per page and also I have no real control over how it displays. Wowslider is an awesome graphical slider building programme which you can download for free from here. It is extremely simple to use if you have the pictures in a folder on your computer. It generates a file called index.html and two folders called design1 and data1. For a website you own, all you then have to do is copy the folders to the root directory of your website (the one containing your own index.html file) and then edit that file to include some code from the index.html generated by wowslider. Some goes in the header and some in the body sections of your index file.

However, you can’t do that in blogger? Can you? Well, firstly you should put the code from the header of the wowslider index file into the header section of the template for your blog. (Remember to back it up before tinkering with it!) Next, you can put the code from the body of the wowslider index file into a new post. The trick, if trick it be, is to put the folders generated by wowslider somewhere else on the web. In my case I put them on the paradisepress website. Then I edited the links in the wowslider code to point to this location. (I’ve done the same with the animated counter in the sidebar, because blogger does not support animated gifs.)

The outcome can be seen on a new blog I’ve made for paradise press which is here. For some reason, the captions on the photos in the slideshow do not display. Well, they could be edited into the photos, I suppose. Without upgrading the free version of wowslider (which involves paying them some money, although not-for-profit organisations can do this for nothing) the programme prints a discrete watermark onto the photos, which is a small price to pay. Wowslider comes with some amazing transition effects, although a simple swipe effect is favourite with me. The slideshow widget provided by blogger cannot be set to loop infinitely. One other possible way to get the pictures into wowslider might be to enter the url of a feed from flickr or some other photo-sharing site, but wowslider didn’t like the link I got from flickr.

NB since writing this I have found a snag, which is dealt with in a further post. You can view the post by clicking here

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  1. Seriously I can not thank you enough for this post. It was just what I needed to be able to figure out what I was doing wrong.

  2. Jessica, thanks for that. Incidentally, there was a problem with what I was doing, and I have posted a further update. On a remote site, the data and engine folders AND the index file need to be in the same folder. Then you can use an iframe to make it all work seamlessly. I've put example code in the update post.

  3. Is it possible to put the slideshow into a blogger post? I found no way.

  4. Hi Ingrid, sorry I didn't spot your comment sooner. My second post makes it clear: The ONLY way to get a WowSlider slideshow into a blogger blog is to host it somewhere else. You should be able to get a free website with a bit of searching around on google. It doen't matter what the address is, no-one will be able to see it, so no need to spend any money buying a domain name. Save the index.html file created by wowslider as the index.html file for the free website you have obtained and save the data and engine folders in the same place. Then make an iframe in an html widget on your blogspot/blogger blog. Please contact me using the contact form on this blog and I'll walk you through it. Rodx

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