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Monday, 14 January 2013

A Bad Apple? Getting my e-book into the iBookstore

Soooo… Paradise Press has a new e-book distribution agreement with Troubador. Bokassa’s Last Apostle is to serve as the guinea pig. It loaded without a complaint onto the Barnes & Noble ‘Nook’ store. Apple proved a more difficult nut to crack.

It was sent to apple just before Xmas. First difficulty: they went on holiday from until 28th December. Silly me, I thought the internet didn’t sleep. Then it was sent back because it had a price on the back cover. I’m astonished that they even looked at the back cover, let alone why they don’t like the price being on there.

So I took the price off and sent it back. It came back again! This time because I had links or references to websites which offered the same e-book for sale in competition with Apple’s iBookstore. Now how on earth would anyone get to see those links on an apple e-book unless they had first purchased the thing from the iBookstore in the first place? Anyhow I can see their reasoning. Just about. Thinking it through, I had to take out ALL the hyperlinks AND references to the websites, including the Paradise Press website, my blog and, for good measure even third-party websites such as and the Manchester Sisters of Perpetual indulgence. Although this latter doesn't seem to be selling e-books, they might in the future.

I just today have figured out where the iBookstore is, apparently I have to go through iTunes. To read the apple e-books I would need either an iPhone or an iPad, and there doesn't seem to be an app I can use on my Mac, which is a bit of a lacuna. Anyhow, my e-book was there! Nook owners AND NOW iPad and iPhone owners can get my book!

Apple’s paranoia frankly looks like protectionism to me.

More about how to link to the iBookstore coming up!

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