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Thursday, 25 October 2012

Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover

To my complete astonishment, I was googling Bokasssa’s Last Apostle and I found this: It looks as though my book cover has been entered in a competition without my knowledge! How well it is doing I can’t ascertain. Continuing my search I found this on shelfari: It lists my cover as a ‘popular cover’, whatever that means.

I guess the answer is that, yes, it is an engaging cover and some people at least think so enough to put my cover forward at their own behest. Now that is good news!

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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

A government for everyone?

David Cameron’s response to Ed Milliband stealing Disraeli’s ‘one nation’ slogan is, apparently, going to be to bang on about how his government will be a ‘government for everyone’. Quite how a government of millionaires aggressively reducing state benefits for poor people to pay for tax cuts for their rich banker friends can present itself as a ‘government for everyone’ is quite beyond me. I'm getting sick and tired of their blaming the Brown administration for the defecit, which is largely there because the same banker friends of the present government gambled with our money and lost and then had to be rescued with borrowed money.

This ‘government for everyone’ is apparently going to be for everyone ‘whether they are gay or straight’. Presumably a reference to their stated policy of having a free vote in the Commons on gay marriage. Yeah right, and when exactly is that going to happen? And, when they have finally finished ‘dithering’ and get around to having a vote, if they have a vote, will Cameron actually have the balls to vote ‘yes’? The issue is so divisive in the tory party that I rather doubt it.

Now exactly why should gay marriage be needed in the first place when we have civil partnerships and refer to them as marriages anyway? A good question, and one which was asked at a meeting of the Campaign for Homosexual Equality I attended last year. Peter Tatchell spoke about the remaining gay rights agenda. Well, the gap between the legislation and attitudes in society at large aside, it can be argued that there is nothing left to campaign for apart from marriage. The reason it is important is that other countries do not recognise British civil partnerships. So whilst two men or women can live together in Britain and have the same legal rights as a married heterosexual couple, they cannot settle overseas in (say) Canada unless they are married.

The BBC Radio 4 Today programme just broadcast an extract from a speech to the tory party conference by Anne Widdecombe defending the central role of the family in British society. This slogan is always a thinly-veiled disguise for an attack on anyone who is ‘different’. Quite why normal, decent, homosexual couples cannot raise children and be considered a family is also beyond me.

I don’t claim to be an economist, or to have the solution to the current financial mess. But I do support gay rights and when the present government has done as much for the cause of gay rights as the previous Labour administration, I might change my mind. It will probably be a cold day in Hell.

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