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Sunday, 23 September 2012

photoshopped photo sneaks past Attitude editors

Looking through the Attitude website to find out if the October issue had been published, I clicked on a link which just enticingly said ‘MEN’. It took me to this page: which encouraged me to vote for their hukiest cover star. I found the following photo with the caption: ‘Hell Yeah!’

So, my interest firmly aroused, so to speak, I went a googling for ‘Swedish Decathlete‘ and quickly found this item:, which said the athlete in question, one Björn Barrefors, had been the unfortunate benefactor of a photoshopped penis enhancement. I would have thought Attitude might just have been a tiny bit more careful in their research of this picture before publishing it!

And I found this rather wonderful ‘before and after’ animated gif:

Maybe not the most riveting piece of news, but the opportunity to post the photo was largely irresistible! I could watch this for hours!

Having recently learned how to make my own animated .gifs, I couln't resist the opportunity to try and see if I could return the favour. It proved absurdly easy. Here's the result:

Incidentally, when I tried to download the picture, I got a different file, so I had to do a screenshot of the before and after and make an animated .gif using Then it wouldn’t animate when I looked at the preview of the post. I’ve had to resort to hosting it on my own website and then using the URL of the image in the <img> tag.

tinyURL for this post:


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