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Saturday, 21 July 2012

Putting an Infinitely Looping Slideshow on your Blogspot Blog

I would never have imagined how difficult it was going to be to get a simple (?) slideshow for my blog to display quotes and marketing information relating to my book, Bokassa’s Last Apostle! As you can see from the colourful banner at the top of my blog, I have finally found one, thanks to

There are other solutions, but I just wanted this simple facility to infinitely loop through some .jpgs I have made. I have used the facility to customise the gadget to remove the prev/next buttons and the slide numbers. I have also entered empty strings for the captions. The trick is to upload the .jpg files to a draft post. This stores them in blogger’s filespace. Looking at the draft post in HTML view reveals the URL to the images. This needs to be substituted into the code supplied by and, apart from taking care of the size of the images, that is just about it. The HTML view of the post holding the images will also show you the pixel dimensions of the images you just uploaded. Needless to say the original image files should all be the same size. Then you need to customise the code you inserted from with the pixel dimensions of the images and that is that! Unfortunately you cannot as far as I can see change the transition speed. For my purposes, displaying pithy slogans, this is just perfect.

(Assumes some familiarity with html, but you wouldn’t be able to use this widget without that.) NB Remember to back-up your template BEFORE editing it, or you could be in deep trouble!

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