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Thursday, 26 July 2012

Kindle version 1.1 published

The other day I opened my Kindle to see the operating software had been updated. That was surely a good thing, as they said the update improved the way the text was rendered, wasn’t it? Then it crossed my mind that any changes might render my carefully balanced and developed format differently, spoiling my book.

And, surely enough, my worst fears had come horribly true. Well, not seriously but definitely annoyingly. The displayed quotations were now the same size as the main text.

The inability of the device to recognise the margin-right property (or, indeed the margin-top property for that matter) meant that I had decided to represent displayed quotations by setting the font-size property to 0.9em. To my horror, these were now rounded up to 1.0em and were indistinguishable from normal text except for being set-off with white space before and after. Puzzlingly my small-caps solution was working, and that was implemented the same way, or so I thought. Careful examination of the style-sheet revealed that the style for small caps used a font-size of 0.85em. Changing the style for displayed quotations fixed the problem, albeit now showing the quoted material 0.5em smaller than I had originally intended.If I measure it carefully, I suspect I’ll find it’s been rounded down to 0.8em.

Now off to find out how to update the file, now with ‘version 1.1’ on the title page verso. Amazon says to contact them if an updated file is to be provided and they will be able to allow purchasers to update their e-book by going back to their website, but only after a four week delay. I chose the quicker route and just overwrote the file by re-uploading it, as they said. That effectively re-published the file and it is now ‘under review’. Worse, when I clicked the link for further information, it said updating an existing publication would be slower than uploading a new one. However the reality was slightly different. What actually happened was that even though my e-book was showing as ‘under review’, the original listing was still ‘live’ on the Kindlestore. Now after a day everything is fine, the new version 1.1 is live and has seamlessly replaced to old one. Well, Amazon finally got something right!

On a different note, I received notification of two advance orders from Bertrams Book Distributors for no less than THREE copies of the paperback. That perplexed me, as the listing on Nielsens database cleary states it is not published until 20 August. Bertrams tell me it’s not unknown for someone aware of my book’s impending publication to get impatient and place an order for an advance copy. Nice to know there are people out there THAT eager to get their hands on a copy!

Speaking of which, how eager are YOU to get a FREE copy? I just gave away the third free copy to Don Lockwood, who sent me a Facebook friend request. If you have followed me on twitter, thank you, and just a gentle reminder that each time you RETWEET one of my tweets you get ANOTHER chance to win the FOURTH FREE COPY to be given away on Tuesday, 31 July, 2012. Just click on the yellow panel just below the book jacket opposite to find out how.

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