Can Everton Jones find out how his father stole Emperor Bokassa’s diamonds and, more importantly, where he hid them; before the world and his brother get there first?
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Thursday, 5 July 2012

Bokassa goes LIVE on Kindle!

Yes, the Kindle version of Bokassa’s Last Apostle is now live on the Kindle Store. And I just made my very first SALE! Admittedly in the US, and so I won’t be getting any royalties until the sales exceed $100, but so close to uploading my book, it’s extremely encouraging! Click on the BLUE kindle panel in the right hand side of this blog to go to the page for my book on the Kindle store.

I’m looking forward to Pride and my impromtu reading tour (see posts below). Come along to any of the readings and get £2 off the e-book or paperback for a limited period only. But to use the discount code you’ll have to get your book from the paradise press website and enter it when you put the book into your shopping cart.

And don’t forget to enter the draw to win one of TEN free copies of the paperback. Find out how by clicking on the YELLOW panel to the right.

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