Can Everton Jones find out how his father stole Emperor Bokassa’s diamonds and, more importantly, where he hid them; before the world and his brother get there first?
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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Yet another reading (well two, actually)

As part of my July Pride reading of Bokassa’s Last Apostle, I'm going to be getting the 10.23am riverbus from Greenwich Pier to Tower Millenium Pier and reading from my book at the back of the bus. Then getting off at Tower Pier, I’ll be taking a very short tube ride to the Monument and reading again from my novel at the very top. Both readings will be videoed. Anyone and everyone is welcome to turn up. If you are intending to come, please visit my facebook profile and RSVP. The link to the Riverbus event is here and the link to the Monument event is here.

Date: 7 July 2012.

Riverbus: leaves Greenwich at 10.23am. Cost: £6 single. 10% discount with Oyster Pay as you go.

Monument: I will be at the foot of the Monument at 11.00am and need to be at the bottom by 12pm at the absolute latest. Be prepared for a long climb up the spiral staircase inside! Cost: £3.

I’m then going off to do a reading at Wood Green Library, then returning to central London hopefully to have some fun at the Pride festival. And fitting in another one or two readings.

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