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Saturday, 5 May 2012

Monkey Elected as Mayor

Random but amusing post: The News Quizz today brought this to my attention. Back in 2002, the Mayoral Election in Hartlepool was won by... A monkey! The mascot of the local football club decided to stand as mayor in an attempt to ridicule the office. His campaign had "Free bananas for schoolchildren". Much to the chagrin of the main political parties, he actually WON! He’s obviously a colorful character, as he has been twice thrown out of away games for simulating sex with a female steward and an inflatable doll. The football club is called ‘the Monkey Hangers’ because the town once hanged a monkey one the basis that it was a spy for Napoleon. Apparently the monkey was re-elected on Thursday. He began campaigning wearing the usual business suit, but after strident demands from the townsfolk he was forced to put the monkey suit back on! You just couldn’t make it up! OK, so it ain’t exactly today’s news, but it is amusing!

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