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Sunday, 6 May 2012

A Gay Olympics flag?

I suppose it’s a bit obvious but, if queers in London want to support the Olympics, they could do worse than switch the colours of the Olympic flag for those of the gay rainbow flag. Pictured is my version of a gay olympic flag. The colours are identical with those of the gay rainbow flag in Wikipedia. Before I posted this I googled "gay olympic flag" to discover that Gay Star News had run an April Fool’s joke about the IOC having decided to add a pink ring to the Olympic flag! Read the article here. Midland Zone for one seems to have been suckered in. Details here. Google images search seems not to have found any matches for anything looking like what I have come up with. It’s probably copyright heresy, but, what the hell. If you like the idea of a gay olympic flag, please tell everyone! If anyone wants to get some made, I'll sue your balls off if you don't cut me in! In fact damn me, I'm asserting my moral rights to the copyright! © Rod Shelton 2012. So there! If it’s already been suggested, please let me know!

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