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Thursday, 23 June 2011

putting special characters into my post

Getting special characters to display correctly in a blogger / blogspot blog:

I had the devil's own job getting angle brackets into my e-book reference page, because of the blogspot software getting in the way by being helpful! Just found out what's going on.

To get an "&", for example, I need to type "&amp;" in Edit HTML view. And to get "<" I have to type "&lt;". Sometimes this worked and sometimes it didn't. On closer inspection of the html code, I found out that the editing software had "helpfully" substituted the "&amp;" for my "&" yielding "&amp;lt;" in the html code, which rendered as "&lt;" when the post loaded. The solution? search the document in Edit HTML view for "&amp;" and (in firefox) select the hilight all option in the search pane at the bottom left of the window. Then scroll through the text and modify the code manually.

Incidentally, I've had to nest the "&amp;" trick to get this post to render as I intended! Blimey! There is a link to reference lists of all the special character codes in html on my page on building an ebook.

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