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Saturday, 7 May 2011

The Wrong Kind of Plastic Bag

I just made the fast Euston train yesterday, only to have it stand at the platform whilst they waited for a signal to change. Apparently a plastic bag had blown into the points at Wembley, and they wouldn't change. They had to send a guy out to walk down the line to the points and try to get it out. The Croydon train was blocking us in in the other direction and we were well and truly stuck. In the end, they re-routed the next one and, half an hour later I was finally underway.

At Euston, as the trains connect, I had only a few minutes to get on my connection to Stafford. So I didn't have time to get anything to drink. But exactly the same thing happened. By now several of their staff were in the wrong place, and we had to wait on a packed train until a steward was finally available. And it was too risky to get out and make a dash for a bottle of coke, in case the train left whilst I was away. Bummer, it left 20 mins. late. And that was the last train I could use my super off-peak ticket on.

Two and a half hours later, and nearly at Stafford, the train stopped. The driver got out and made a call from a phone by the side of the track. He got back in and we carried on. The Steward we'd had to wait for made an announcement: "The driver had been informed that children had been seen playing on the railway and he was going to have to take it more slowly than usual." And so we crawled our way the last few miles.

One of the more bizzare reasons for disruption to train services, I think you'll agree.

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