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Friday, 29 April 2011

Tying the Knot

There's been much fun had by Outrage in the run up to today's wedding. Delivering a huge wedding card pointing out that some men want to be able to marry other men as well. Well now, here's a thorny issue and no mistake. On the face of it, why not? We all call entering into a civil partnership "getting married" and the legal ramifications are exactly the same. But it does seem to be hitting a line of stern resistance in the ranks of the straight right wing, or Christian bigots, as they are sometimes called. It goes something like this, "marriage is all about making babies, and only a man and a woman can do that." So what about same-sex couples bringing up either an adopted child, or using fertility services, such as sperm donation (if necessary by borrowing a teaspoon) or surrogacy, or simply two oppositely gendered same-sex couples coming to an arrangement. Nowadays there are multiple ways of skinning this particular cat. And what of women who have been married to a man and have children (and men in the equivalent position), who then stop denying their sexuality and run off with a boy/girl and end up with custody of the children from the earlier marriage. And where does the trans-agenda go with any of this? Boy oh boy those responses to their opposition, which is just plain old fashioned biggotry dressed to look good, get the right wing going.

So it's all good grist to the progressive mill, but that's not what caught my eye. Two tweets got my interest. One about one of the founders of facebook being about to marry his male partner, and another about facebook having made it possible to list "in a civil partnership" as a relationship status. Is this pure co-incidence? I wonder what the gentleman will be doing in the listing on his own homepage? In fact, is it already possible for two male facebook users to marry? And if so why offer the civil partnership option? Should Peter Tattchell be outside these guys' house asking them to make it possible for gays to marry on facebook as well?

I'm watching this one with interest!

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