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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

How can I find a gay book to read?

Without getting bogged down in what exactly a "gay" book is, it can be difficult to find reading matter with LGBT content. As a gay writer, I want people to be able to find my book, when it gets published next year. Where do people go to find LGBT books? I am going to be blogging on this subject as I research places which might stock my book and magazines and websites which offer reviews of gay literature.

Right off the bat, I might say that the local library is a good starting place. Wolverhampton library service are putting a rainbow sticker on the spine of all books with LGBT content. Good for them! This is a positive step.

It's an issue for a writer when designing a cover... How will a gay reader know the book is going to be of interest to them? A picture of a gorgeous guy on the cover might be there to interest straight women. Then again, straight audiences might enjoy reading gay books. I know my brother enjoyed reading Kenneth William's diaries, and many straight women have said they found the sex scenes in my book very enjoyable. Is that a bit like straight men perving over lesbian porn? (That's only toungue in cheek, btw, please don't flame me with a load of femminist discourse, I'm fully aware of the issues, that was meant to be a joke.) Cultural references are a very subtle and insidious thing... you somehow know when the naked torso of a man on the cover is intended to appeal to men or women. I guess that's why we employ professional jacket designers! LOL.

It is a mammoth task, but I am going to add a page with links to...

gay and lesbian centres,
gay and lesbian publishers,
gay and lesbian bookshops,
LGBT magazines and newspapers which have book reviews, online or otherwise,
LGBT writers groups.

and any other relevant things I can think of.

I will devote a blog entry to each one.

The page link is in the right hand panel of my blog at the top. It's chaotically organised and formatted at the moment, so please bear with me.

If you want to be included, get in touch via email:

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