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Saturday, 23 April 2011

Another Gay Bookstore Closes

Just heard on Twitter that "A Different Light", the last gay bookstore in California is to close down. Will "Gay's the Word" be the last one in the world? I'm composing a list and it is the last one in the UK. Sure, there are places which stock gay books, but it's not the same. A bookstore devoted to exclusively LGBT books is something special. They somehow foster a sense of community. The article blamed online book sales for the closure. "Amazon sells everything, it sells them cheaper, and it doesn't pay sales tax". Well, I don't know about sales tax, but I'm not going to be using Amazon, they want a 60% discount! But I am just as guilty of using online sales as the rest of us. I haven't bought a single book from Gay's the Word, although I have been in to have a look. It's a bit of a hack for me to get to. If bookshops are a thing of the past, what next? Will e-books wipe out books as well? Hand me some boots to throw or a loom or two to smash up!

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