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Monday, 10 January 2011

Open for Business

Time to celebrate my TSR rising to 43 by adding my photo to my authonomy profile. I’m sitting proudly on page three of top talent spotters now. It’s time to show my face to them. But now two perplexing questions: How to use my TSR to garner some top-rated shelving and have I understood how the TSR points accrue as a book nears the top?

Firstly, using my TSR. When I changed my strategy, I had no TSR, my backing for a book only benefited my TSR. It did nothing for the book. Now, for example, when I put “Schizothemia” up, it had two significant backers (20 and 31) and also me (78 at that time). I could for the first time count my own opinion as carrying some real weight. My backing “counted”. I have recently had some backing come through from the author of “Sally and Jack”, which has helped my TSR. That seems a bit unfair. And then again, I dropped “Twisted” when it dropped, yet it’s gone up somewhat since. “Sally and Jack” has just done the same thing, down one place today. Do I drop it? What if I use the open space to “rotate” books which I can then give real support to, albeit briefly? If I picked up “Twister” again, it would help it this time. If I rotated it along with “Sally and Jack”, it would also help that book now. Of course I could promise a long term shelve to someone who was highly placed in exchange for sitting on their shelf. If I did that with all five shelf spaces I might get five good shelvings, but then in a month’s time I’d be stuck.

And then the second perplexing question. “Sally and Jack” has dropped one place. If it falters further, I will actually lose points whenever it goes down. Yet if it picks up again I will miss out on the higher pints tariff as it nears the top. Of course as I didn’t get onto it when it was right at the very bottom then the points tariff won’t be as high as for “Schizothemia” which was right on the bottom when I spotted it. I think I can rely on “Seattle Strange” and “The Hyper Reality Show” to make it close to the top. If the points tariff goes sky high in that situation I’ll have my answer to this question. In the meantime, Decision taken to open a slot to re-start rotating books and finally use my TSR and benefit from the work I’ve put in over December.

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