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Thursday, 6 January 2011

And on the thirtyfirst day...

I have been very nervous, since the thirtieth anniversary of my TSR plunging to 4021 has loomed. Would I plunge back again? Would I loose all the points? My fears were groundless. I have, quite to the contrary, been on the up-and-up and currently stand at 61.
I’ve taken some books down, as they ran out of steam and, so far, think I’ve managed to pick some real winners to replace them with. And each started at the very bottom. One thing I have noticed, I tend to lose momentum, even falling a few points in TSR, each time a swap a book. I can’t work this out. According to authonomy, I should earn points towards my TSR on the midnight of the day it went on my shelf. I can only assume that, in reality, I have to wait 24hours, just like backing a book. The good news, however, is that it seems I was right about the lifetime of the TSR points. They must accrue daily and expire after thirty days. As I have been backing each book for a long time, and as the books have done nothing but climb the charts, they will have been getting more and more points each day. As long as I keep picking cracking books and holding onto them, this can only continue.

One other observation. I was invited to take a look at a book I’d rejected when it first came out. Frankly it stank. It had nothing really in the way of a plot, just eternal battle scenes between angels and demons. The grammar, spelling and punctuation were appalling as well. Yet it is racing up the chart and gathering a lot of very significant backing from highly ranked shelves. Same thing with “King of the Mutants”. Well, it’s better written and has a better plot, but it’s still nowhere near as good as “Seattle Strange”, yet it’s still racing ahead. Oh well, I suppose some people are more pushy.

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