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Sunday, 19 December 2010

Eating my words.

Well, well,well... you just never know, do you? Since my last post, I’m eating my words, somewhat, anyway. That book, “King of the Mutants”? It just garnered 41 backings, and is now on three very good shelves and seven good shelves. Outcome, it’s outperforming “Seattle Strange” by a country mile, standing at 1919, compared with 2221. Hmph. You can never tell. I still believe in “Seattle”, however, and have no choice but to follow my instincts. On a happier note, I have picked another book, the wonderful “Sure Movement”. It has got to 2227 in two days and has longevity on the few good shelves it is on.

The outcome for my TSR? Well, it is still advancing, up 55 to 239. It must still be earning points, just that the authors ranked in this region are earning points at a more rapid rate now. I’ve “run into a bit of flack!” The question in my mind now is whether I am about to have another big drop at the 30-day anniversary of the last one? The logic would suggest that the points will be being lost on a rolling basis, so I hope not. I’ll report back when I find out.

On a more humourous note, I was listening to the 6pm news on Radio 4 on Friday and misinterpreted the following. It was a piece about Tony Walsh, a defrocked Catholic priest in Dublin, who had admitted “using children for his sexual gratification, one a fortnight, for eight years”. Well, that’s not amusing. Later on in the same piece they said that “a housekeeper at [his house in] Westland Row later complained that she found syringes and condoms in Walsh’s room and sore boys leaving it”. Which is amusing, sort of. Of course the script must have said saw, but I realised this is a perfect example of a kind of error sadly much in evidence on authonomy, the “homophone” spelling mistake. Using one word instead of another when they have different spellings but sound the same. A classic is “quiet” instead of “quite” and another, “then” instead of “than”. They’re just not the same word. It’s infuriating, especially when, should I have the temerity to correct the error in my review, the (frequently) American authors complain “it’s not edited yet”. Usually vehemently adding that US spelling is different. Well, it is, of course. But just not of these words. I know how to use American spelling properly and this public display of ignorance drives me crazy. They seem to think an in-house copy editor will put their ungrammatical and badly spelt masterpiece right free of charge once they have “won” authonomy and got that elusive best-seller deal. The reality is, of course, that their dreadfully produced manuscript will go right into the round file the moment an agent finds their first howler. End of rant.

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